We are really excited to announce that we have launched the CTEK Gulf Limited Edition (EU) battery charger and maintainer. It combines cutting-edge battery charging technology with iconic Gulf branding. It’s a quite simply a perfect match and this product is already proving a big hit with the vehicle enthusiast.

This 5A limited-edition Gulf licenced battery charger and maintainer, features a unique countdown timer that tells you when your battery will be ready for use. It is compatible with all 12V lead-acid batteries and has three key charging & maintenance stages to maximise the power and lifetime of the battery.  It will make sure your battery is always in good condition and you can even repair a discharged battery that has become flat.

Stefan Lind, Global Director Aftermarket at CTEK said “We are really excited to be partnering with Gulf to deliver the CTEK Gulf Limited Edition charger – we are proud to supply own-branded chargers to over 40 of the world’s most prestigious vehicle manufacturers, thanks to our reputation for quality, innovation and reliability. This licence with Gulf is another great project to be part of.”

Whilst some are fans of Gulf Racing, others enjoy the nostalgia that surrounds Gulf’s history. And it has a long, successful history. Founded in 1901 by the Mellon family, Gulf achieved an industry first – selling gasoline in branded containers and from pumps marked with the world-famous Gulf logo, still used today. Fast-forward to 2020 and Gulf Oil International (GOI) continues to produce fuel and lubricants in more than 100 countries worldwide. You can also find the logo on all sorts of highly collectable Gulf merchandise from watches to towels, helmets and now battery chargers!

Just like the CTEK brand, the Gulf orange disc is synonymous around the world with high quality products, innovation and technical excellence – so it’s the perfect match!

The CTEK Gulf Limited Edition charger is easy to use, fully automatic, requires no specialist knowledge for use and is supplied with crocodile clips and eyelet connectors for maximum convenience.