Here at CTEK we are constantly challenging ourselves to make sure that all of our products are safe, reliable and easy to operate. It’s also important to us that they are flexible and able to exactly meet your charging needs.

Sometimes, you need that extra few metres, so that your charger can reach both your vehicle and also the power supply. It is for a variety of reasons – for some it’s so that you can mount the charger on a wall in your garage or workshop and for others it’s because your motorcycle, or your classic car is parked outside and therefore quite a distance from mains power. And for many of you, a standard socket extension isn’t enough – you want something more slick, neat & tidy.

With all of this in mind, we would like to introduce one of our top 5 selling CTEK accessories, our 2.5M Extension Cable. This tough, durable extension cable means that your CTEK charger can be placed further away from the battery or the vehicle – safely and subtly. It has hardwearing, flexible cables that are designed and tested in Sweden, so they can withstand extreme temperatures.

Just like our chargers, it’s really simple and really safe to use. Our unique CTEK CONNECT system ensures a secure and safe connection to batteries that are further away or hard to reach. It is suitable for use with all CTEK chargers up to 10A, and compatible with all other CTEK accessories.

For car storage facilities and car collectors, who have multiple vehicles, keeping floors clutter free, neat and tidy is really important. Not only from a safety perspective but from an aesthetic perspective too, it is much more pleasing on the eye. For anybody storing multiple vehicles, it is important that they are kept in top condition, charged and ready to go – even at a moment’s notice. Our 2.5M Extension Cable means that you can easily reach every single vehicle in your storage facility, to continuously maintain battery health and maximize performance. 

So if you need to extend the reach of your CTEK charger, take a look at our 2.5M extension cable.