Keeping your agricultural equipment working is
crucial to your business success

Here at CTEK, we understand the importance that you place on equipment that you use every day, as well as more seasonal machines, sometimes left in storage for long periods of time, that need to start first time, every time.

When so much of your business operates to tight deadlines throughout the year, it’s important that all of your machines are operating at peak performance, with fully charged batteries that are properly maintained.

CTEK chargers make sure that machine batteries are working to their maximum capability, so the machine is always ready to go, right when it’s needed – saving time and money. 

Extending the life of agricultural batteries

  • Batteries perform best when they’re in peak condition
  • A fully charged battery means that agricultural machines start first time, every time
  • Efficient battery charging and maintenance makes machines more reliable so they can be kept in service longer
  • A well maintained battery will significantly reduce the likelihood of breakdown because of battery failure
  • Get more use out of agricultural machines with batteries that last a whole lot longer, saving you valuable time, money and increasing efficiency

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