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D250T is a 24V DC-DC battery charger for dual battery systems with starter battery and service battery. D250T is designed to be used as onboard charger for charging and maintaining the service battery from alternator when motor is running, this will give you enough of power in the service battery when arriving to the destination.

Part no. 40-373


24V | Charges the battery while you drive

D250T is a fully automatic, 4 step DC-DC charger that supplies up to 10A of power to charge any 24V lead-acid service battery. The charger is also a battery isolator that separate the service battery and starter battery to protect the starter battery from being drained when motor is not running. With the D250T you can be confident that the service battery always will receive the optimal charging voltage, with reduced charge time and ensuring the charging will be 100% complete. You will get a stable and efficient charging of the battery that is not dependent in alternator capacity or resistance in cables. D250T will reduce environmental impact and lower the maintenance costs through extended battery life and a reduced idle time.


  • Truck, Heavy Vehicles, Boats, Recreational vehicles, Busses, Transport trucks and all other systems with a 24V battery

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