CTEK CONNECT CIG PLUG is designed to give you quick and easy access to the battery and charge it through your vehicle’s 12V cigarette lighter or accessory socket.


* This is a recommended retail price, local variations may occur.

Part no. 56-263

Permanent connection: for hard-to-reach batteries, as well as a quick and easy way to connect your CTEK charger via your vehicle 12V accessory socket

Secure connection: To batteries that are hard to reach

Simple to use: Features CTEK’s unique CONNECT system


Charge your battery using your 12V cigarette lighter or accessory socket

The CTEK CONNECT CIG PLUG is a quick and easy way to charge your battery by connecting your CTEK charger to the 12V cigarette lighter or accessory socket. The hardwearing, flexible cables give you a secure, safe and snug connection using CTEK’s unique CONNECT system. Please note that the socket must be powered even when ignition is in the ‘Off’ position.


  • CTEK quick connectors must only be used with CTEK 12V chargers up to 8A
  • CONNECT and INDICATOR accessories do not fit older CTEK models with white, plastic connectors – please use our CONNECT PLUG ADAPTER with these models

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