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The I2420 is an industrial charger designed for all standard lead acid, AGM and GEL batteries from as low as 0.5V.

Part no. 40-274


24V | Industrial 20A charger for a variety of battery types

The I2420 can be customized with different charging curves depending on battery type and application. It also records parameters from the last 200 charging cycles for compliance. I2420 has Drive Off protection and is robust with IP64 aluminum casing. The I2420 also has intelligent cable loss compensation for even faster charging and uses advanced technology for its high frequency switch mode. With conversion efficiency up to 94%, the I2420 means low CO2 emissions and lower power usage in general.


  • Logging and saving 200 charge cycles
  • Multi step, fully automatic charging cycle
  • Charge current: 20A
  • Easy to read LED indicators
  • Automatic reconditioning for deeply discharged batteries
  • 2-year warranty

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