PRO25S UK, 40-198 |


PRO25S is the perfect battery support and charging solution to fully complement everyday workshop programming and diagnostic equipment.

Part no. 40-198

Professional Grade Power

Dedicated Lithium Mode

Supply Mode and Lead-Acid Reconditioning Mode

Automatic Temperature Sensor


12V | Portable workshop power and charging

PRO25S is light and portable and ideal for technicians use in the busy workshop. It’s fully automatic so it’s easy to use and its reliable, 12V power supply keeps the vehicle’s stored data safe and prevents damage to sensitive ECUs and other vehicle electronics. It features fast, 8-step charging, temperature compensation for ambient conditions between -20°C and +50°C (-4°F to +122°F), and is suitable for use with any 12V battery, including lithium*. PRO25S features automatic parallel load compensation so power supply and amperage are always constant and accurate, even if an additional load is placed on the battery during diagnostics. It also has a ‘RECOND’ mode to bring deeply discharged lead-acid batteries back to life and a lithium ‘wake up’ mode for batteries with under voltage protection. *) 12V lithium batteries (LiFePO4, Li-Fe, Li-iron, LFP)


  • Up to 25A of battery support
  • 12V power supply support for code reading, electrical circuit testing and fault finding
  • Fast, fully automatic 8-step charging
  • ‘RECOND’ step for to bring deeply discharged lead-acid batteries back to life
  • Suitable for 12V lead-acid, WET, Ca/Ca, AGM, MF, GEL and lithium* batteries
  • Charger type: 8-step, fully automatic charging cycle
  • Work with all 12V battery types, including Lithium* (LiFePO4)
  • Battery capacity: 40-500Ah (lead-acid); 30-450 Ah (lithium)
  • Low 2V start up voltage for charging
  • Extremely low ripple
  • Automatic parallel load compensation
  • Automatic temperature compensation
  • Degree of protection: IP44
  • Warranty: 2 years
  • Accessories: optional BUMPER 300 silicone protector and WALL HANGER 300 wall mounting kit
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Versatile power supply and charger for workshop support

PRO25S is a tough, powerful battery support tool for everyday servicing and diagnostic work. It is ideal for technicians’ personal use to complement workshop programming equipment perfectly.

Easy to use and fully automatic, with temperature compensation for ambient conditions between -20°C and +50°C (-4°F to +122°F). PRO25S is suitable for all types of 12V battery, including lithium iron phosphate.

Why you need CTEK battery support

Battery support is an essential tool for all types of diagnostic, service and repair work in the professional workshop. CTEK’s PRO25S give you powerful 12V supply, charging and maintenance programs in versatile, highly efficient units that will help save you valuable time and money.

Like all CTEK PRO Series products, PRO25S have automatic parallel load compensation which makes sure that power supply voltage and amperage are always constant and correct, even if the battery has an additional load placed on it during diagnostic work.


Fully automatic 8-step charging
Press the ‘MODE’ button to select the program and leave it to do the rest. The easy to read graphic display will show you where the unit is in the charging cycle

Tough, safe and reliable  
Heavy duty 2m charging cables. IP44 rated, short circuit proof and come with a 2-year warranty. 

12V power supply  
Reliable 12V power supply for diagnostic and servicing support for the battery to avoid losing stored data or damaging the vehicle’s ECUs and other sensitive electronics.

‘LITHIUM’ mode 
Dedicated mode for lithium iron phosphate batteries. Automatically or manually ‘wakes up’ batteries with under voltage protection (UVP). 

‘RECOND’ mode
‘RECOND’ step for lead-acid batteries which is added to the end of the ‘NORMAL’ program to bring deeply discharged batteries back to life. 

Automatic temperature compensation
Temperature sensor can be fixed inside the positive clamp or as close to the battery as possible. It automatically adjusts the voltage to the ambient temperature in conditions between -20°C and +50°C (-4°F to +122°F), reducing the risk of over- or under-charging  

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