Battery chargers for motorcycles

CTEK battery chargers for motorcycles are the best in the market because they are designed and developed by a team that has unrivalled knowledge about batteries and battery chargers – in fac CTEK is the leading global brand in vehicle charging! Our chargers use the most advanced electronics and technology, and we are always innovating to make our chargers more practical, smart, and reliable. Our team is driven to deliver quality and durability in all our chargers, that are made to last, because charging your batteries in the right way is an important matter.

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Why CTEK Battery Chargers for Motorcycles?

Our line of battery chargers for motorcycles is the best for all battery types, because we have battery chargers for motorcycles for all the battery types available for motorcycles. Our CS FREE product for example, is a multi-functional battery charger and maintainer with adaptive boost technology that can also get you going from a flat battery. CS FREE can charge Lead-Acid and Lithium batteries, so whether you upgrade your battery or have several bikes, you only need one charger to be ready to go.

We also have CT5 POWERSPORTS UK battery chargers for motorcycles, which can charge Lead-Acid batteries and different types of Lithium batteries such as LiFePO4, FiFe, Li-Iron, and LFP. And we also have specific battery chargers for motorcycles for LiFePO4 batteries, such as the Lithium XS. Whether you have a new sports bike that uses LiFePO4 batteries as standard equipment or you choose to upgrade your old battery to Lithium, we have the charger for you.

Our CS ONE product is a great battery chargers for motorcycles, featuring adaptive charging technology (APTO™), which uses advanced electronics to charge your battery intelligently. Once the battery is connected, the charger runs some tests and determines the battery chemistry, size, and health, and then automatically applies a charging program to specifically suit your battery’s condition. It also detects the environmental temperature, and adjusts the output voltage accordingly. With APTO™, you don’t even have to plug the positive clamp on the positive battery’s pole; the charger will recognize the positive and negative terminal for you.

Most of our battery chargers for motorcycles have desulphation functions capable of extending your 12V lead acid battery’s life.

Our battery chargers for motorcycles are easy-to-use spark free and shortcircuit-proof, which makes them safer than standard chargers. We have special chargers for power and sports bikes, and many of our products have been awarded best in class by for example Auto Express in the UK and Autobild in Germany.

CTEK battery chargers for motorcycles are small, easy to use, safe, and versatile. You can charge your battery safely without removing it from your motorcycle. Besides, you don’t have to worry about overcharging your battery; the charger will stop when the battery is full, protecting against overcharging and damage to the battery. Thanks to their technology, our chargers are safe for modern bikes with EFI (Electronic Fuel Injection) because they are safe for the computers and onboard systems such as the ESP, ABS, GPS, screens, and more.

You can use our battery chargers for motorcycles to charge and/or restore a completely dead battery, to maintain that collection bike you use every now and then, so you can enjoy it any time you want. A dead battery is no longer an issue when you have a CTEK charger in your garage!

Please check our catalog to find the best charger for your motorcycle.