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Car batteries are the beating heart of a car, so it’s important that you look after them. And what would happen if that heart stops beating, maybe due to you leaving the lights on, the temperature has dropped or because you only take short journeys? Maybe you don't drive your car every day, or maybe you have a boat, motorcycle, or other vehicle that is only used infrequently. Is your car stored for the winter or other seasons? There's a chance the car won’t start again when you take it out of storage. These are reasons why a car battery dies, but most of the times, car battery chargers will fix the issue that your car battery is experiencing, get you right back on the road and even extend battery life by up to three times. Our dedicated maintenance modes also mean, that if you do have a vehicle in storage you can attach a battery charger for the entire time without risk of over or undercharging the car batteries. You need a car battery charger to deal with such a situation.

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Things to think about when buying car battery chargers or a car battery charger

There are a few things to consider when looking to select a car battery charger or car battery chargers. You should first be aware of your car's battery capacity - this is specified in Ampere hour or Amp hour (Ah) - and engine size – In many cases there are different car battery chargers for different sizes of car battery. For example a smaller battery found in motorcycles and classic cars can be charged with a lower output charger compared to a bigger high-performance car – your charger's output power needs to increase with engine size. Make sure the one you plan to purchase is sturdy enough for your vehicle’s engine.

Battery type is the other factor. There are car battery chargers designed to work with lead-acid and / or lithium batteries. In the case of lead-acid car battery chargers, some may only work with specific chemistries such as wet-flooded, Gel, AGM.

You can look in the car's manual or under the hood to find out battery size, type and chemistry.

What are the functions of a car battery charger to consider?

Although the primary purpose of car battery chargers is to recharge your car battery,  it is worth considering battery maintenance too and there are  some features and functions that can actually help to extend battery life by up to three times. So consider maintenance. If you don’t have dedicated maintenance modes for batteries on vehicle that are in storage for long periods of time you risk over or under-charging the battery. Reconditioning mode is good to recover seemingly dead lead-acid batteries and a dedicated wake-up mode for lithium batteries is important if the battery has shut-down due to in-built battery management systems.

Consequently, when choosing which model to purchase, you shouldtake  how you are going to be using car battery chargers into consideration.  We have pulled together a summary of some of our best-selling chargers to help you choose the right car battery chargers.

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RVs, boats, caravans, and performance cars  all have bigger batteries, which the CTEK MXS 7.0 is ideal for charging. It is an 8-step fully automated charger that can supply 7A to 12V batteries ranging in capacity from 14 to 150Ah. It may also be used to maintain batteries up to 225Ah. It has a unique RECOND mode for repairing and reconditioning stratified and deeply depleted batteries, a winter programme for charging in cold conditions, and an AGM battery option. Battery diagnosis is also included to determine whether your battery can accept and keep a charge. Even a  SUPPLY  mode is available to support the vehicle if you need to remove the battery.


The CTEK MXS 3.8 is a  great addition to the CTEK range of car battery chargers. It’s a really handy charger for smaller car batteries as well as other vehicles such as motorcycles and snowmobiles.. Batteries between 1.2Ah and 85Ah are compatible with the MXS 3.8 microprocessor controlled 7 step battery charger and maintainer. Features include a  desulphation programme to recondition and optimise battery health, a "Snowflake" programme for charging on colder days, and battery testing to determine whether your battery can accept and keep a charge. Additionally, it has flexible charging schedules for the smaller (motorcycle) and the conventional (car) batteries. And the CTEK mode float/pulse maintenance makes it the perfect car battery chargers for storage of seasonal vehicles.


This is one of the most advanced car battery chargers on the market today – thanks to ground-breaking Adaptive charging (APTOTM) technology. With the CTEK CS ONE, charging any battery has just got a whole lot simpler!. You don't have to worry about battery size, chemistry or even have to worry about which clamp fits where – all thanks to APTO  technology, which handles all the work for you. You'll never use a charger as simple as this one. The most cutting-edge charger now on the market would be complete with dedicated app control to enable extra functionality such as reconditioning and wake-up modes.


The MXS 5.0 TEST & CHARGE is an innovative model in the category car battery chargers that also makes it simple to test the starter motor, battery, and alternator. Batteries between 1.2Ah and 110Ah can be used with the MXS 5.0 TEST & CHARGE. In order to provide you a full view of the battery and vehicle charging system health, its testing function provides you with three simple to use programmes to evaluate battery voltage, start power, and alternator performance. An automated de-sulphation programme, the unique RECOND mode suitable for reconditioning extremely depleted batteries, and CTEK's revolutionary float/pulse systemare all included in the MXS 5.0 TEST & CHARGE.


The revolutionary CTEK CT5 TIME TO GO car battery charger and maintainer notifies you when your device will be completely charged. Because the CT5 TIME TO GO accurately predicts the amount of charging time left in hours, you can schedule your day around your battery charge. Additionally, it will let you know when you may attempt to start your car without the battery being completely charged. Three charging and maintenance programs are available with the CT5 TIME TO GO: Normal, AGM, and Recond. It won't overcharge or undercharge the battery and is totally autonomous, making it possible to connect it straight to the battery endlessly if necessary. The CT5 also has built-in temperature sensing capabilities. Alligator clamps and eyelets included in the kit.