New fashioned refuelling

Sustainable transport has gone full circle. People used to arrive at their destination on a thoroughbred charger, now they expect to plug in to one. It worked then, and it works now – it’s just a different kind of horsepower!

Horse Häst EV Charging Ladere

Horse Häst EV Charging Ladere

Horse EV Charger Destinasjonslading EV Ladning

Balancing the load

Demand for EV charging is growing exponentially, but the grid supplying the electricity is not growing at the same pace. As power is a finite resource, balancing demand on the grid is a key consideration, especially if you are looking to install multiple chargers on a network.

Dynamic load balancing on EV charging networks removes the need for costly grid expansion and also reduces connection costs, by optimising and distributing available power between buildings and across all operational charge points. 

This ensures vehicles are all charged as quickly as possible, while preventing overload on the grid and maintaining power to buildings and anything else drawing power from it (e.g. heating, lighting, air conditioning systems). Without load balancing, increased demand from EV chargers could cause main fuses to blow or trip, due to the demand for power being more than what’s available. 

Getting the right balance with NANOGRID™

CTEK’s NANOGRID™ system works with CHARGESTORM ® CONNECTED 2 chargers to provide dynamic load balancing between multiple devices. It’s a smart power solution for power grid overload protection and can support up to 500 chargers on a single network.

You can choose from local load balancing, which is managed directly from the charge control unit and balances the load against a given value or main fuse - or Grid Central, which uses a separate compact cabinet containing a charge control unit, energy meter and transformer measurement equipment to balance the power delivered to the chargers against other important power users such as lifts, ventilation and lighting. 


A state of the art EV charger specifically designed to be safe and easy to use. It’s ideal for home, business, public parking and tenant-owner housing associations, and it meets all the required technical safety standards.

Take control with the CTEK Charge Portal

Charge Portal is our cloud-based system that gives you full remote control of your charging network. Thanks to a smooth interface and easy login to connected devices, you can manage and monitor all your chargers and users remotely from your computer, simply and easily, at the touch of a button.

Charge Portal is compatible with all browsers and is scalable for small or large networks. 

Our users tell us they rate the following features particularly highly.

  • Provision of real time data including user information, number and length of charging sessions and energy consumption, all presented in a visual, easy to understand format using diagrams and tables.
  • Remote software updates and RFID tag management.
  • Alarm function for system messages.

Charge Portal also supports OCPP and Green-eMotion standards.

Since 2009, Charge Portal has handled close to 9 million charging sessions, giving CTEK invaluable data on how people charge their cars. This intelligence is fed back into our organisation to support our continuous product development and innovation.

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