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NANOGRID™ AIR is a wireless energy meter gateway, that delivers a cost-effective, dynamic load-balancing solution. Designed to work with the award-winning CTEK NJORD® GO portable EV charger*, it will protect your main fuse and automatically adjust and optimise available power to charge your Electrical Vehicle (EV).

Part no. 40-542

Dynamic load balancing for your NJORD® GO portable EV charger

Wi-Fi communication

Easy installation without the need for an electrician

Includes P1/RJ12 and HAN/RJ45 cables


Wireless load balancing gateway

NANOGRID™ AIR will automatically balance your home’s energy load safely at any time of day, so you can charge your EV while your appliances still get the power they need. It utilizes your home Wi-Fi network to communicate with your NJORD® GO EV charger, ensuring your main fuse is not tripped when you are charging your EV. Simple to install and easy to maintain, it’s a smart load balancing solution that simply plugs into your smart energy meter, using the meter’s P1 or HAN port. It’s configured using the CTEK App, that also controls your NJORD® GO, so you’ve got complete communication and control of your EV charging through one single, dedicated App. Energy data from your smart energy meter or NJORD® GO can also be retrieved as real-time JSON-files, using your home Local Area Network (LAN) - for use with third party applications such as Smart Home systems. And as NJORD® GO is a portable charger, you could install one NANOGRID™ AIR at home and then one at your holiday home - and all you need to manage it is a smart phone and Wi-Fi.

Home. Retreat. Easy and efficient

Icon_performance.png    PERFORMANCE 

The NANOGRID™ AIR ensures your NJORD® GO portable EV charger works optimally, balancing your home's energy needs efficiently. 

Icon_Simplicity.png    SIMPLICITY

Wireless load balancing made easy. No need for an electrician; just plug-in, and charge. Always have the power you need with NANOGRID™ AIR by your side. 

Icon_safe.png    SAFE

Protects your main fuse, ensuring it doesn't trip while charging your EV. It's the smart way to ensure your home appliances and your EV get the power they need, safely. 

Icon_App_integration.png    APP INTEGRATION

The CTEK App not only controls your NJORD® GO but also configures and communicates with your NANOGRID™ AIR. All your EV charging needs, managed from one dedicated app, available on Android or IOS via Wi-Fi.

Experience the full potential of NANOGRID™ AIR with the CTEK App

• One app to control both your NJORD® GO and NANOGRID™ AIR 
• Free updates
• Real-time energy data retrieval
• Schedule charging to benefit from off-peak rates
• Adjust power distribution based on home energy consumption 
• Start, pause, or stop charging remotely 
• View your energy consumption history 


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NANOGRID™ AIR connection

• Wireless energy meter gateway for dynamic load balancing 
• Simply plug-in to your smart energy meter
• Comes with P1/RJ12 and HAN/RJ45 cables
• 2-year warranty for peace of mind
• Easy maintenance and user-friendly

Adapting to the evolving e-mobility landscape

The NANOGRID™ AIR is not just a product; it's a solution. Designed to work seamlessly with the award-winning CTEK NJORD® GO portable EV charger, it ensures that your EV charging doesn't compromise your home's energy needs. With features like dynamic load balancing, it's a testament to our commitment to innovation and safety. 

Load balancing is no longer a luxury; it's a necessity. As more homes adopt EVs, the demand for efficient energy distribution becomes paramount. NANOGRID™ AIR ensures that whether it's morning or evening, your home and EV get the power they need without any hitches. 

We understand the changing dynamics of the e-mobility landscape. That's why products like NANOGRID™ AIR are essential. Whether you're at home or on a retreat, all you need is a smartphone, Wi-Fi, and the CTEK App to ensure your EV charging is efficient and safe. With the added advantage of integrating with third-party applications like Smart Home systems, NANOGRID™ AIR is truly the future of e-mobility solutions. 

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