CTEK’s EV PLUG HOLDER INTEGRATED is an easy to fit accessory that lets you securely and safely attach your fixed charge cable plug to your CHARGESTORM CONNECTED device. Please note that this accessory must only be fitted by a qualified electrician.

Part no. 40-527


Easy to fit storage for your fixed EV charging cable

The EV PLUG HOLDER INTEGRATED can be retrofitted to CHARGESTORM CONNECTED EV chargers so the fixed charging cable can be conveniently and easily attached to the charger box. It can be mounted to the charger’s box without the need to unplug any existing cables. Your qualified electrician simply fixes EV PLUG HOLDER INTEGRATED by opening the charger box, removing the gland plate lock nuts, sliding the plug holder in place and then tightening everything back up with the supplied new nuts. After that, you can store the end of the fixed charging cable conveniently to the new holder. EV PLUG HOLDER INTEGRATED can be fitted to existing CHARGESTORM CONNECTED EV chargers with fixed cables or purchased as an accessory with a new charger unit.


  • Secure storage for fixed Type 2 CHARGESTORM CONNECTED EV charger cables
  • Easy to fit to CHARGESTORM CONNECTED EV chargers by a qualified electrician
  • Neat and convenient design
  • Tough, hardwearing steel and plastic construction
  • 4 new lock nuts supplied

Technical data

Dimensions (L x W x H)
180 x 110 x 99