NJORD® GO is a portable 11kW EV charger* that gives you fast, reliable Electric Vehicle (EV) charging at home, or when you’re on the move. The charger can be used with the CTEK APP to unlock additional features, for complete charging control and monitoring via your mobile phone.

Part no. 40-353


Fast, portable charging for your Electric Vehicle

NJORD® GO from CTEK is a durable, lightweight and portable EV charger available with a Type 2 connector, with a charging capacity up to 11kW. It comes with fixed heavy duty 1.5m long mains cable and 5m EV charging cable, so there’s no installation necessary – simply plug the unit into your domestic or commercial CEE socket for charging. The charger’s user interface clearly indicates charge status. A free to download CTEK APP** gives you total control over charging and charge scheduling directly from your Android or iOS mobile phone. The NJORD® GO features state of the art natural convection cooling technology, so you can charge at high power even when the ambient temperature is high. *You might have noticed that we call the NJORD® GO an ‘EV charger’. Technically speaking it’s ‘electrical vehicle supply equipment’ (or EVSE for short), that provides a safe supply of electricity to power the on-board battery charger in your Electrical Vehicle (EV). Most people use the term EV charger, so to keep things simple, we’ve chosen to use this term too. **Please note some APP features are only available via Bluetooth or Wi-Fi – please see our App table for further details.


  • Can be wall mounted with optional wall mount kit.
  • LED interface.
  • Fully functioning across temperature range from -30 °C to +50 °C.
  • Case dimensions: 140mm x 250mm x 80mm.
  • Protection class IP65.
  • Two-year warranty.

Technical data

Charging category
AC charging
Ambient operating temperature
-30 °C to +50 °C
Fixed charging cable length
5 m
Natural convection
Charging current
6–16 A
Mains connector
CEE 16 A/400 V 5P
Number of phases
3 Phase (Support for 1 phase and 2 phase charging)
Vehicle connector
Type 2
Charging power
1.4–11 kW
Energy meter
Yes, Internal
50 Hz
Wi-Fi (2,4 GHz); BLUETOOTH®
Compatibility mains
Enclosure color
Relative humidity
Up to 100% at 25 °C
CE; IP44; IEC 61851-1; IEC 62752; IEC 62196; EN 60335-1
Enclosure material
Plastic; Metal
Rated voltage (Input)
400 V
Ground fault detection
Built-in ground fault detection, 30 mA AC, 6 mA DC
Ground fault reset
Degree of protection
Enclosure dimensions (H x W x D)
250 x 140 x 80 mm
App support
CTEK App for Android and IOS
Net weight (unit with cables)
4.3 kg
User interface
LED symbols
All products and product specifications are subject to change without notice, to improve reliability, function or design. In the event of product error, we reserve the right to inspect the product and verify the fault. All product returns are subject to our standard warranty terms.
Packaging weight
4.9 kg
Packaging size (L x W x H)
435 x 375 x 95 mm
Mains cable length
1.5 m
2 years
CTEK issues a limited warranty to the original purchaser of the product. Depending on the product, the limited warranty period will vary. The limited warranty is not transferable. The warranty applies to manufacturing faults and material defects. The warranty is void if the product has been handled carelessly or repaired by anyone other than CTEK or its authorized representatives. CTEK makes no warranty other than this limited warranty and is not liable for any other costs other than those mentioned above, i.e. no consequential damages. Moreover, CTEK is not obligated to any other warranty other than this warranty.

Home. Work. Vacation.

Icon_performance.png PERFORMANCE 
This compact yet powerful unit is up to three times faster than Schuko chargers.

Icon_Simplicity.png SIMPLICITY
Fully automatic portable EV charging, it’s smart and easy to use.

Wherever you go, the NJORD™ GO is always there when you need it.

Icon_safe.png SAFE
Meets all the required technical safety standards. Built-in RCD and DC-leakage detector. Heavy duty plugs and charging cables. The NJORD® GO features state of the art natural convection cooling technology, so you can charge at high power even when the ambient temperature is high.

Icon_app.png APP CONTROL
The free to download CTEK app gives you total control over charging and charge scheduling directly from your Android or IOS mobile phone via BLUETOOTH® and Wi-Fi.

Unlock additional features of the NJORD® GO with the CTEK APP.

•  The free to download CTEK App gives you mobile phone control via BLUETOOTH® and Wi-Fi.
•  Free updates.
•  Charging and scheduling.
•  Schedule charging for any time of day and for any length of time.
•  ​​​​​​Lower or increase the power easily to balance the load at times of high domestic power consumption.
•  Automatically start, pause or stop charging remotely. 
•  View your charging history.



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NJORD® GO wall-mount.

•  Provides secure, lockable storage for your NJORD® GO, for easy access to the EVSE & neat cable storage.
•  Rugged sheet metal hanger.
•  Easy to remove and carry with built in handle.
•  Lockable with pad lock.

Meeting the changing needs of the EV landscape.

The NJORD® GO is a compact and lightweight yet incredibly tough and robust. It is packed with a whole host of safety features such as built-in fuse, earth fault circuit breaker and DC leakage detector making it safe a reliable too. The CTEK APP unlocks additional product functionality and use the NJORD® GO wall-mount for a more permanent installation.

The NJORD® GO features a safe, reliable and durable CEE connection to the 3-phase supply – which enables EV charging 3 times faster than a standard schucko connection.

The rising number of EVs on the road has not only resulted in increased demand for EV charging solutions, it has also highlighted the need for greater flexibility in the products and solutions that we offer.

We are continuously adapting and evolving our offer to respond to the changing needs of our customers, and our NJORD® GO is no exception. It’s small enough to take it with you in your EV or of course you could use the wall-mount for a more permanent installation too! Packed with a range of functions and built in safety features, as well as the added benefit of App control, this is a realy cost-effective and flexible EV charging solution.