My charging cable is damaged. Can I still charge up my car?

No. Never use a damaged cable. It could damage your vehicle as well as the charging station. You need to replace your charging cable. 


I can't remove my charging cable from the charging box. What should I do?

Certain charging stations require you to swipe your RFID tag to complete the charging process. The charging cable will stay attached to the car and the charging box until you swipe your RFID tag. Try locking and unlocking the car using the car's remote control/key. Sometimes the lock can get stuck on the car or the charging box. If none of these suggestions work, try pushing the charging cable connector firmly against the car and the charging station. Then try the suggestions above again. 


Is the charging cable resistant to cold and heat?

Yes. The charging cable is approved for temperatures between -40 °C and +90 °C.


Which charging cable should I use for my car?

You will need to bring your own Mode 3 charging cable to charge your car at public charging stations. The charging box always has a type 2 outlet. Your vehicle may have either type 1 or type 2 sockets. Contact support if you need help choosing a charging cable. Note: You can always use a charging cable that supports a higher capacity than your car's charging capacity.  In other words, you can never use the wrong cable so there's no risk of damage to your car or the charger.


Does my charging cable come with a warranty?

All our charging cables are covered by a 2 year warranty.


Does it matter whether I connect the cable to the car or to the charging box first?

It doesn't really matter, but it is generally recommended to connect the cable to the charging box first and then to the car. However, CTEK products are so safe that there is no risk of damage if you connect the cable to the car first.


Is my charging cable resistant to rain and snow?

Yes, that's no problem. We recommend always storing the charging cable in a dry place and wiping it dry after use to increase the cable's life.


What do type 1 and type 2 mean?

Type 2 is standard in Europe, while type 1 is used in Asia/China. Generally, type 2 is becoming the standard for all cars in the future. An advantage of type 2 is that it supports three-phase charging. Type 1 only supports single-phase charging. Charging stations that have an outlet (as opposed to a fixed charging cable) always have a type 2 outlet. 


How do I clean my charging cable?

Use a microfibre or other type of cloth dampened with ordinary water. Be careful not to get water inside the connector.


The pins in my connector look like they're different lengths. Is this normal?

Yes, this is how they should be. The pins are different in length because communication and power are cut off at different times when you unplug the charging cable from the car's type 2 outlet.


Where can I use my Mode 3 charging cables?

You can use them at all public electric vehicle charging stations, type 2 towards the charging station is the European standard for AC charging (alternating current). Always keep your charging cable in the car to make sure you can connect your car (type 2 or type 1 towards the car).

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