Back in February we launched the CTEK CS FREE, the world’s first portable battery charger and maintainer with Adaptive Boost technology. The charger has been met with some great reviews already, with UK magazine Auto Express featuring it as ‘hot kit’ and European magazines, websites and influencers hailing it an exciting new product that has really nailed the needs of vehicle owners.

The CS FREE means complete freedom from a power outlet, it’s a truly portable battery charger, so you can keep your 12V lead-acid and lithium (12V LiFePO4) batteries charged whether you have a vehicle parked for longer periods of time, want to keep your battery in tip top condition or if you need to get going from a flat battery.


Thanks to CTEK’s unique Adaptive Boost technology, you can safely recover your vehicle from a flat battery within 15 minutes – so a dead battery no longer needs to be a hassle that impacts your entire day. 

Being able to use an external power supply via a separate 12V service battery or dedicated CS FREE Solar Panel kit, means you can have longer term battery maintenance for vehicles parked up away from a power supply, so whatever your vehicle, it is ready to go whenever you are. And if you live in an apartment block or a property without mains power, you don’t need to worry about trailing extension cables – it can operate as a complete standalone unit, able to deliver charge to your battery to keep it topped up and in optimum condition.

Remember it can keep your tech topped up too! The CS FREE comes with USB-C and USB-A outputs for charging laptops, smartphones, tablets, watches and cameras, even when the CS FREE is not connected to a power outlet.

We have had some great feedback on the CS FREE ‘s internal battery. Not only does it take less than an hour to fully charge, via the unit’s fast USB-C input, but when it’s fully charged, it will hold its charge for up to a year. Bringing you security and reassurance that it is always there whenever you need it.

The CS FREE is fully portable too. It is small and lightweight so whether you have an RV with lots of storage, a car with a glovebox or a motorcycle with a small tail bag, it can easily fit. 

We have some great accessories too – available to purchase separately. A handy storage bag for the CS FREE is tough and robust, with in-built padding for protection.  You could also consider a wall mount for a more permanent solution that provides neat storage and cable management too.

But don’t just take our word for it – Vanessa Ruck, The Girl on a Bike thinks it’s pretty awesome too! Take a look at her detailed product review below: 


The CS FREE is a revolutionary new product that will give you total flexibility for fast, safe and reliable charging. It’s portable charging that sets you free, so you can use it wherever you are – simply charge it up and take it with you.

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