Case Study: CTEK and Laddboxbolaget's Successful Partnership

Case Study | EV Charging

Laddboxbolaget, a leading provider of EV charging solutions in Sweden, has been working closely with CTEK for a long time, offering the innovative NJORD® GO and NANOGRID™ AIR products. This partnership has significantly enhanced customer satisfaction and driven increased sales. Here’s a closer look at how this collaboration has unfolded, focusing on the journey from order to installation and the unique benefits of these CTEK products.


CTEK's NJORD® GO: A Game Changer

The NJORD® GO is a versatile, portable EV charger that has quickly become a favorite among Laddboxbolaget customers. With its Type 2 connector and charging capacity of up to 11kW, it provides a robust solution for both home and on-the-go charging. The NJORD® GO operates with a 3-phase 16A EV charging capability, making it three times faster than standard Schuko chargers. Its fixed heavy-duty 1.5m mains cable and 5m EV charging cable ensure that users can simply plug it into a CEE socket without the need for a complex installation.


Key features include:

  • Portability and Flexibility: The NJORD® GO can be used as a portable charger or mounted on a wall with the NJORD® GO Wall Mount for a semi-fixed installation.
  • Smart App Control: Through the CTEK App, users can schedule and control their charging sessions and much more, making it incredibly user-friendly.
  • Safety and Reliability: Built-in safety features such as an RCD and DC leakage detector ensure safe operation, even at high power levels. Additionally, its natural convection cooling technology allows for high-power charging even in warm ambient conditions.


Enhancing Efficiency with NANOGRID™ AIR

The recent introduction of NANOGRID™ AIR has further boosted the popularity of NJORD® GO. This wireless load balancing gateway seamlessly integrates with NJORD® GO, optimizing power distribution within the home. This ensures efficient EV charging while maintaining the power supply to other household appliances, preventing overloads on the main fuse.


Customer Journey and Satisfaction

Laddboxbolaget’s streamlined process makes it easy for customers to order and install their CTEK products. Customers can order the NJORD® GO directly from Laddboxbolaget’s website, and the installation process is straightforward thanks to the intuitive design of both the charger and the NANOGRID™ AIR system.

A recent customer, Maria S., shared her experience:

“Ordering the NJORD® GO from Laddboxbolaget’s website was a breeze. The installation was straightforward, and I love how I can control everything from my phone. The NANOGRID™ AIR has been a game-changer, ensuring our household runs smoothly while charging our EV without tripping our main fuses.”


One-Stop Shop and "Grön Teknik" Subsidy

Laddboxbolaget offers a comprehensive one-stop shop experience, providing everything from the initial purchase to installation and ongoing support. This convenience is enhanced by the "Grön Teknik" subsidy in Sweden, which offers customers a 50% discount on the product and installation costs. This significant saving makes the NJORD® GO and NANOGRID™ AIR excellent value for money, further driving customer satisfaction and adoption.


Serving B2B Customers

In addition to individual consumers, Laddboxbolaget also caters to larger scale B2B installations. Their expertise in EV charging solutions extends to commercial clients, providing comprehensive services that meet the specific needs of businesses and larger installations. This B2B focus has allowed Laddboxbolaget to broaden its impact, delivering reliable and scalable EV charging solutions across Sweden.


Partnership Impact

Niklas Gran, CEO of Laddboxbolaget, commented on the partnership:

“Working with CTEK has been incredibly beneficial. Their products are top-notch, and the introduction of NANOGRID™ AIR has significantly increased customer interest and satisfaction. The strong CTEK brand means that the NJORD® GO sells exceptionally well with minimal efforts in paid marketing due to CTEK's robust marketing initiatives and brand reputation. We’re proud to be a CTEK partner.”


Daniel Forsberg, Marketing Manager EVSE at CTEK, added:

“Our collaboration with Laddboxbolaget has been a perfect match. The NJORD® GO and NANOGRID™ AIR are designed to meet the evolving needs of EV owners, and Laddboxbolaget’s commitment to customer service aligns perfectly with our values.”


The partnership between CTEK and Laddboxbolaget has not only brought cutting-edge charging solutions to customers but also set a new standard for convenience, safety, and efficiency in EV charging. With the NJORD® GO and NANOGRID™ AIR, EV owners can enjoy a hassle-free and optimized charging experience, whether at home or on the go. This collaboration continues to drive innovation and customer satisfaction in the EV charging market, serving both individual consumers and large-scale B2B clients across Sweden. 



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