31 October 2022

CC2 – Easy to install and easy to use

Homeowners Roger and Jan Wood have made a shift to greener motoring, recently taking delivery of two Electrical Vehicles (EV). For home charging, the CTEK Chargestorm Connected 2 (CC2) was the right choice for them, as they were looking for a dual outlet charger that allowed them to charge both vehicles at the same time.  

When talking about making this making this transition, Jan and Roger said it was the natural next step for them, they were interested in buying an EV, and felt the time was now right thanks to developments that afforded them longer range time and general vehicle performance for longer distance travelling, while also helping them to contribute to greener mobility.  

Roger Wood says, “When we were looking to buy a charger, we had to consider our situation, which is having two EVs, so we were looking for a dual outlet charger. The CTEK charger gave us the functionality we were looking for, particularly load balancing, which is something that you have to consider when you have two vehicles.”  

He also explained that they were looking for a reliable and well-designed product and they were positive about the CTEK TAKING CHARGE App. The App allows you, among other things, to manage and schedule your charging, adjust charging power and manage software updates, making the charging fit into your lifestyle. 

“It also has significant safety features that protect your house electric circuit, and all of these features gave us the confidence to choose CTEK”, continued Roger.  

The CC2 installer Steve Holyoake described how easy the charger was to install and to use. “The things I like about the CTEK CC2 is the overall build quality, it is very solid, it’s easy to configure and there are a lot of options on there - you just set your settings, connect it to the internet and off you go. Then, you can just let the charger take care of everything.”  

“One of the advantages with the charger is the load balancing, which makes sure the electricity at home is carefully distributed. If you have a large family, there is a risk that your home power supply could become overloaded. The CC2 can be programmed to consume less power when other electric appliances are in use, to not overload the electric circuit in the home.” 


Wall or pole mounted EV charger