01 December 2022

CS FREE named as product of the year in Autobild

Battery chargers

The German outlet Autobild is testing new products every year, bicycle racks, child seats and chargers is just a few of the 28 products they have tested this year. The twelve editors have picked their favorite and the editor in chief Max Bitter, has chosen the CTEK CS FREE.  

Autobild is one of the biggest automotive outlets in Germany and this were their motivation about the CS FREE, “No power outlet nearby and the battery doesn't really want it? Then there is now the solution. With the portable charger CS FREE from CTEK, the battery can not only be charged, but also serviced at any time. Once the battery is charged, it lasts up to a year, optionally the battery can even be charged with a separately available solar panel.”  

The CS FREE is four cutting edge products in one portable unit – Adaptive Booster, smart maintainer, battery charger and hi-tech power bank. The Adaptive Boost makes sure that your dead battery will be able to start in a safe and gentle way in around 15 minutes. You can use the CS FREE in multiple ways; use it as a portable charger to power up your battery, connect it to a power outlet or you can even hook it up to a solar panel kit! Furthermore, you can also connect it to a 12V battery for complete charging freedom anywhere you go. When used as a Smart Maintainer, your battery can remain in ideal condition no matter where you go. When used as a hi-tech power bank, you are able to top up the battery of your smartphone, your laptop or camera anywhere you go. 

The CS FREE is an easy and user-friendly product – no extra modes or buttons, just a bright display with countdown LEDs that shows the time left before the battery is fully charged. It can charge and maintain any type of 12V-lead-acid and lithium (LiFePO4) batteries and there is an extensive range of accessories which gives users freedom from a power outlet.