Case study | CTEK provides battery support to Mercedes Drogenbos in Belgium

Case Study | Battery Charging

CTEK has a close collaboration with the Mercedes dealership in Drogenbos. By using CTEK's PRO 120 battery support unit, CTEK has managed to significantly reduce the time it takes to perform CPU updates on the cars in the workshop, with a reduction of over 50%. This case study explores how CTEK products have helped with battery support and maintenance in the workshop, and the benefits to the dealership in terms of business efficiency and customer satisfaction. 

Mercedes Drogenbos is an official Mercedes and Daimler dealership in Belgium. The facilities at the dealership include a showroom and a certified workshop for pre-sale preparations, repairs and servicing. With a strong focus on quality, customer satisfaction and the delivery of a first-class customer experience, Mercedes Drogenbos has a strong and loyal customer base, spanning both private consumer and commercial fleet customers.  

The workshop consists of 22 bays, enabling the dealership to meet the repair and maintenance needs of their customers, as well as CPU updates required by the manufacturer. These mandatory CPU updates were taking on average between 50 to 60 minutes with existing battery support equipment. The dealership was being paid by Mercedes Belgium for each update intervention, but the price was based on a job that takes 30 minutes. They were looking to bring the time taken to undertake this CPU update to under 30 minutes as well as being able to charge and condition the batteries, to make sure that they left the workshop in peak condition.  

To meet these needs, Mercedes Drogenbos opted to introduce CTEK battery support equipment. They ordered three CTEK PRO120 battery support units for use during the CPU updates, mounted on the CTEK Trolley PRO for easy transportation between the bays. The dealership also chose to buy 22 MXS 25EC chargers, mounted to a ramp post in each bay to charge the vehicle’s battery during service and reparation.  

With the installation of the PRO120 battery support units, the CPU updates are now taking around 22 minutes, under the 30-minute standard tariff. Battery charging has now become a regular, chargeable activity which has improved the efficiency in the workshop.  

As a result of this, the dealership has experienced increased profitability and increased customer satisfaction. They have also reduced the battery problems after the vehicle has left the workshop. It’s a win-win situation for everyone! 

CTEK’s PRO series consists of battery support units like the PRO25S and PRO120. The PRO25S and the PRO120 are ideal chargers for showrooms or workshops. They are flexible and suitable for all types of 12V batteries, including lithium batteries. The chargers have a reconditioning mode to restore severely discharged batteries and a supply mode to support the vehicle during diagnostics or service. The PRO25S is a lightweight and robust charger which can be installed on ramp posts or in work bays. The PRO120 is a fully automatic 120A battery support unit with incremental voltage (12.6V-14.8V) power supply, for precise control over the most demanding fault finding, service and repair procedures.