CTEK’s MXS 5.0 receives a high rating in MotorVerso

Battery chargers

Automotive magazine MotorVerso has tested and reviewed CTEK’s battery charger MXS 5.0, and given our award-winning product some very positive feedback.   

MotorVerso tested the MXS 5.0 to understand its functionality, quality and ease of use.The review highlighting that the MXS 5.0 is incredibly well-built and robust, with built-in safety systems such as temperature regulation, reverse-polarity protection, short-circuit proof, a desulphation program and more.  

They state that the MXS 5.0 is perfect for normal cars and motorbikes, with a charge rate at 5A that supports batteries up to 160Ah – more than enough when you need to recharge or trickle charge your passenger car.” It is also smaller in dimension than some of CTEK’s other chargers, which makes it ideal to have on the shelf or in your glovebox.  

Motorverso goes on to say that as with CTEK’s other chargers, the MXS 5.0 is a breeze to use. There are no buttons to press or settings to select, just plug it in and the charger will do the job for you. However, the MODE button lets you select which battery type you are charging, whether it’s a car battery or a motorcycle battery. 

You can also use the MXS 5.0 to recondition old and ageing batteries that haves been deeply discharged. If you need to check the charging status, the charger has a display with bright LED lights showing you the charging process. You can see whether it has just started to charge or if it’s already fully charged. 

MotorVerso concludes that CTEK’s MXS 5.0 is solid build, easy to use and one of the best chargers that you can buy!  

MXS 5.0, 56-975 | ctek.com MXS 5.0, 56-975 | ctek.com MXS 5.0, 56-975 | ctek.com MXS 5.0, 56-975 | ctek.com MXS 5.0, 56-975 | ctek.com

MXS 5.0

12V | Automatic charging and maintenance for vehicle and motorcycle batteries, with reconditioning mode