How to charge batteries at sea

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An important part of preparing for the boating season is the power supply and CTEK have produced useful advice on maintaining your boat's batteries. With more and more devices requiring power on board, well-maintained and charged batteries are essential for travelling and staying safe at sea. 

The first step is to maintain charging even during the summer months. This will keep your boat's battery in top condition, and you can be sure that the engine will start when you go out in the archipelago. 

- The margin between a fully charged and a discharged battery is smaller than you think. A small drop in charge can jeopardise the health of the battery, as sulphate crystals can build up and degrade the battery, reducing its capacity and even requiring it to be replaced," explains Tony Zeal, battery expert at CTEK. 

Battery failures can also damage or compromise the boat's other electronics, resulting in unnecessary and high costs. 

- It really pays to get into a routine of regular maintenance charging, even during the summer months. Regular maintenance charging can extend the life of your battery by up to three times, says Tony Zeal. 

Most battery chargers like the CTEK CS FREE can be used to charge other electronic equipment in addition to starting the boat battery, as they are often equipped with USB charging ports. This means you don't have to worry about your mobile phone, computer or tablet suddenly going dead. 

CS FREE is an Adaptive Booster that revives flat batteries, and Portable Battery Charger for on-the-go vehicle battery charging. The CS FREE safely recharges your flat battery, ensuring no damage to your battery or vehicle electronics. Charge and maintain any 12V lead-acid or lithium battery anywhere using a power outlet, solar power, or a leisure battery. 

To ensure your boat battery works optimally during the boating season, here are five tips: 

  • Regular maintenance charging. 
  • Use smart charging technology. 
  • Check and clean the battery. 
  • Adjust the charge according to use. 
  • Consider solar energy for charging. 

Following these tips will reduce the risk of battery failure and ensure that your boat and its electronic equipment are ready for the season's adventures. Regular maintenance and modern charging techniques are essential to keep your boat battery in top condition. 

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