How to prevent a dead battery in the middle of the lake

Battery charging educational

It’s the perfect sunny day to go boating. You’re out all day enjoying the warm weather and the beautiful water. You are about to head home but when you try to start the engine, the engine won’t start. The battery is dead and you don’t have a battery charger with you.  Action needs to be taken to arrange for a service call which is both time-consuming and expensive. However, if you had CTEK’s CS FREE with you, a dead battery would not be a problem.  

The CTEK CS FREE is four products in one unit, it is a portable charger, a smart maintainer, a hi-tech power bank and a booster. The unique adaptive boost technology can get the boat’s battery started again in only 15 minutes! It gets your battery started in the quickest and safest way without damaging the sensitive electronics in your boat. When you have CTEK’s CS FREE along for the ride, you won’t be stranded with a dead battery. 

You can charge both the boat’s battery and your other devices as well, being a hi-tech power bank, you can use it to top off the battery in your phone, laptop or camera. This makes you independent from a power outlet and you can peacefully enjoy your day. The CS FREE can also be connected to a solar panel kit, recharging itself as you’re out on the water.  

Dead batteries are one of the main reasons boaters call for assistance from the Coast Guard and Sea Tow. Most incoming calls are during the afternoon when the boaters have been out all day, and their battery has run out of charge. Be sure to take CTEK’s CS FREE with you on your next adventure for all day boating fun! 

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