MXS 5.0 named the best charger for motorcycles

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The German outlet Auto Zeitung has done a comparison of the best battery chargers for motorcycles. They tested a lot of chargers and CTEK’s MXS 5.0 were their favorite. 

A lot of motorcycle riders choose to store their motorcycle during the winter season and wait for spring and warmer temperatures before they start riding again. However, no matter if you are driving or storing it, the battery will be affected.

When the weather is freezing, the battery will lose charge resulting in an empty battery once the vehicle is ready for spring again. The vehicle will not be able to start! Although, this can be prevented by using a 12V battery charger to maintain the vehicle during the winter months.

CTEK’s MXS 5.0 can help to solve this problem! It is a smart battery charger with a reconditioning mode which can restore batteries in poor conditions or deeply discharged batteries. The charger also has a built-in temperature control which guarantees the optimal charging in all weather conditions. The device is reverse polarity-proof, spark-proof and protected against short circuit.

Auto Zeitung describes the MXS 5.0 as a solidly processed, handy and easy-to-use battery charger that has everything a smart charger needs to have.

MXS 5.0, 56-975 | MXS 5.0, 56-975 | MXS 5.0, 56-975 | MXS 5.0, 56-975 | MXS 5.0, 56-975 |

MXS 5.0

12V | Automatic charging and maintenance for vehicle and motorcycle batteries, with reconditioning mode.