Prepare your car for winter with a simple yet crucial step —charge your battery!

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In Sweden, all car owners must transition to winter tires by December 1st. What many overlook is the impact of cold weather on the car battery. The colder it gets, the more crucial maintenance charging becomes, especially for vehicles covering shorter distances. While the switch to winter tires is routine for most, it's time to include another seasonal activity — basic battery maintenance. Car owners can ensure trouble-free journeys and a longer-lasting vehicle by taking a few simple steps. 

A recent survey by Norstat, commissioned by CTEK, reveals significant gaps in knowledge about proper vehicle maintenance, particularly during winter. Shockingly, one in four respondents is unaware of the cold weather's effect on battery life, and a staggering 6 in 10 believe that extremely cold weather shortens a car battery's lifespan. 

Implementing regular maintenance charging for your car battery can substantially extend its life, proving to be a wise financial decision. According to Tony Zeal, battery expert and training manager at CTEK, external factors like temperature and the frequency of maintenance charging play a vital role in a car battery's longevity. To ensure years of optimal performance, it's essential to prioritize the best care for your battery. 

Starting a car requires a significant amount of power, ranging from 150 to 350 amps. If your driving habits involve frequent short journeys, particularly in urban areas, the battery can drain as the alternator struggles to replenish the charge. This is especially true for cars equipped with a stop/start function. 

If you've noticed a lapse in your stop/start function, it could be due to an insufficiently charged battery. As Tony explains, the car prioritizes essential functions by gradually shutting down non-essential ones to conserve the remaining battery charge for the engine, leading to potential issues. 

With CTEK’s battery charger CS ONE, the maintenance just got a lot of simpler and smarter. Thanks to its groundbreaking APTO™ (Adaptive Charging) technology, you can say goodbye to the hassle of figuring out which clamp goes where — the CS ONE does all the thinking for you. APTO™ Technology takes the guesswork out of charging by automatically identifying your battery type and delivering a personalised charging program. It's the easiest charger you'll ever encounter. Enhance your charging experience even further with dedicated app control, unlocking additional features that make it the most advanced charger on the market today.  

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