Women at CTEK


Even though the automotive and technology sector has been traditionally male dominated, there is an on-going change as more women choose to work in these industries. CTEK is no exception, there are a lot of amazing women working in this company that sets the tone for future generations. We have a responsibility to include women and make them a part of this incredible industry. Women make up 50% of those buying cars and automotive equipment, and who to better understand women than women?  

Cecilia Routledge, Global Director Energy and Facilities, said “There’s a lot happening in the industry right now and we’re in the middle of an exciting shift from ICE vehicles to electric vehicles. This is an amazing journey that everyone in the industry will be a part of.” 

It’s important to look beyond the word “automotive” and show all types of jobs in the industry. With the electric vehicles in the industry, there will also be new types of jobs that might be more attractive to women. The electric vehicles include a lot of software and if you are a software developer, this could be an exciting new industry to work in. 

Bobbie DuMelle, Executive Vice President Aftermarket, said “Don’t be intimidated by the word automotive if you’re not into cars, just embrace the technology behind it. No matter if you are a technician, a developer or working with marketing and sales, there is room for you”.  

If we can educate women on the exciting opportunities in the industry and the new emerging technologies, we can inspire the next generation to be a part of the journey.  

Victoria Ellerstad, Digital Marketing Manager, describes that she has never seen herself as an automotive girl and that it doesn’t feel like she’s working in the automotive industry. She said, “I mean I work with marketing; I just do what I always have done”.  

Bobbie DuMelle concludes, “Every person that works here have earned their place to be here, no matter if they are a man or a woman, it will be the best person for the job. And you can see by the mix in our company, and in our board, that we have both. And that’s why this is an amazing company.” 

At CTEK, we do our utmost to lead the way in the industry and inspire women to come and work with us. Together we can make a real difference.