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To begin the progress of using as a sales channel for your business, we need some information from you. We need to know what products you are selling, info on your phisical stores and if you want the light or full version of the solution. The "Full version" is a sales experience integrated on where the customer finishes the purchase from your e-com without leaving In the "Light version" the customer can finish their purchase on your e-com or physical stores. Please fill out the form and we will get back to you. Or if you have any questions, plase contact us via the email link below the form.
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Full version - Customers can buy CTEK products from you without leaving
Light version - Customers can find the product on and complete the purchase in your e-com.
Display your company as a B2B reseller on

Other information

Upload file with store coordinates to be able to complete the form, Buy in Store
Upload file with product URLs to complete the form, Buy Online

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If "Full version" and "Buy online" have been selected, payment options need to be filled in.
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