Planning your next trip isn’t just about deciding where to go, it’s also about making sure your motorhome will get you there.

If your motorhome has been spending the last few months in storage, your leisure and starter batteries could easily have lost all their charge. And you won’t get far like that.



The CTEK battery charger will keep your batteries fully charged and maintained so they’ll always be operating at their peak performance to give you peace of mind, so you can just pitch up and relax.

Keeping your motorhome batteries fully charged and topped up

  • Batteries perform best when they’re in peak condition
  • Proper battery maintenance makes sure your motorhome engine starts time after time and your leisure battery is ready to handle its own workload
  • The CTEK battery charger will keep your batteries working to their maximum capability and will significantly reduce the possibility of breakdowns at critical times, before and during your trip
  • Using the CTEK battery charger on its maintenance cycle will help extend the life of your batteries
  • The longer your batteries last, the more money you’ll be saving

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