Take winter in your stride

When winter kicks in with it’s freezing temperatures, you need your car battery to perform to it’s maximum capability.

All the technology that keeps you warm and safe puts a lot of strain on your battery. If you keep it fully charged and properly maintained, you can dramatically reduce the risk of breakdowns caused by battery failure.

Regularly checking and charging your battery with a CTEK charger will keep it in peak condition, even in temperatures as low as -20°C.


Fast charging in freezing temperatures

  • Your battery performs best in winter when it’s in peak condition
  • Charging and reconditioning your battery now will prepare it for cold starts
  • Regular charging will prevent battery failure and reduce breakdowns
  • Regularly using a CTEK charger will extend the life of your battery
  • The longer your battery lasts, the more money you’ll be saving

Recommended products for winter maintenance


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