Charge Your Car Day is an event to celebrate the humble car battery and all it does for us, and to remind people to charge it!  

It’s easy to forget how much hard work your battery has to do to keep your car running, so Charge Your Car Day is here to remind us all that we’ve really got to look after it. 

At CTEK, our goal is to solve your charging problems by manufacturing high-quality products that we can stand behind. We specialize in developing chargers that solve your battery's need for recovery, charging and maintenance.  

Whether it's an ICE vehicle or an EV, our car battery chargers are engineered to charge your vehicle efficiently and safely so you can always get on the road whenever you want and go wherever you choose.  

For this Charge your car day we have created some top tips for all vehicle drivers. 

So whether you are an EV driver or a ICE (internal combustion engine) driver we have got some great information so click on the box most relevant for you.  

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