CTEK, Vikmanshyttan – Nov 30, 2023 

As a valuable CTEK customer you will know that we are committed to continually monitoring and improving the quality, safety and performance of our products and services.  

During internal testing of the SMARTPASS products referenced above, hereafter referred to as SMARTPASS, CTEK has discovered a risk for short circuits while incorrectly performing installation or service in the battery system, or while using SMARTPASS without a complete understanding of the vehicle’s dual battery system. 

By design SMARTPASS is not protected against reversed polarity or short circuits in dual battery systems. If all connected batteries are not safely disconnected prior to installation and/or service, short circuits may occur in the dual battery system. Our latest tests show that if the SMARTPASS is subjected to a short circuit, internal components can be damaged in such a way that, if the SMARTPASS continues to be used, it can on rare occasions lead to overheating and risk of damage to property and/or personal harm. Prior to this safety notice there has however been no reports of any personal harm. 

Following these findings, we have determined that there is a need to strengthen safety warnings and have therefore made updates to the installation requirements, installation procedures and service procedures of SMARTPASS. 

To reflect these updates and facilitate safe installation and use, we have made a SMARTPASS Installation Kit that can be ordered free of charge by any existing SMARTPASS customer. The SMARTPASS Installation Kit includes a new metal bracket to be used when installed on non-metallic surfaces, and warning labels and tags to be placed on the product and on the battery cables to raise awareness for anyone performing installation or service in the system. The SMARTPASS Installation Kit will be supplied with all new SMARTPASS products leaving our warehouse and production facilities. 


We strongly encourage customers who already have the product installed, to carefully read through the new updated instructions and ensure that the new directives are followed.  

The updated instructions can be found here:

SMARTPASS Manual Amendment 

SMARTPASS 120/120S Manual Amendment   

The original manuals can be found here: 




We also encourage customers to order the SMARTPASS Installation Kit free of charge via the form at the bottom of this page.  


  • 50A max load on consumer output  
  • Updated fuse requirements  
  • Updated installation and service instructions  
  • Highlighted warning labels for safe installation and service  

Here at CTEK we are proud of our commitment to safety, quality and reliability, and we hope that you can see that this information and our approach is a reflection of this commitment. If you have any questions, our team is on hand to assist you.  

Thank you for your continued support.  

Team CTEK  



Email: support@ctek.com

Phone: +46 (0) 103 448 810  




Am I affected by this product safety notice? 

If you own a SMARTPASS (56-676), SMARTPASS 120 (40-185) or SMARTPASS 120S (40-289) you are affected by this product safety notice.  



What is SMARTPASS Installation Kit? 

SMARTPASS Installation Kit is an accessory kit to help facilitate safe installation and service in dual battery systems. We supply a SMARTPASS Installation Kit free of charge to any SMARTPASS owner who needs to re-install their unit. The SMARTPASS Installation Kit will be included with any SMARTPASS product now leaving our production and warehouse facilities. Distributors and resellers with SMARTPASS products currently in stock are requested to order an equivalent amount of SMARTPASS Installation Kits. 



What is included in the SMARTPASS Installation Kit? 

The SMARTPASS Installation Kit includes two metal brackets, to be used with your SMARTPASS device and related device, such as the D250SE, if you have such a product as part of your installation. The kit also includes warning labels to be placed on the SMARTPASS device and on the battery cables. 



Do I need a SMARTPASS Installation Kit? 

We strongly urge customers to read our updated guidelines and get aware of risks if service and installation are performed without safely disconnecting negative terminals on both start and service batteries before connecting or tampering with appliances within the dual battery system. 

If your installation complies with the updated installation requirements, then there is no need of ordering a SMARTPASS Installation Kit. 



How do I install SMARTPASS Installation Kit? 


Install the SMARTPASS on top of the metal installation bracket:

SMARTPASS Upgrade Kit - Mounting plate 1.png



1. Place label 1 (“WARNING: This product is not short circuit proof or reverse polarity protected.”) at the bottom left corner of the SMARTPASS device. 

2. Place label 2 (“MAX 50A”) above OUTPUT – CONSUMERS symbol. 

3. Place the remaining labels on both the STARTER BATTERY & SERVICE BATTERY cables, near the negative (-) terminal of the battery. 

SMARTPASS Upgrade Kit - Labels_02.png



How do I know if my product is damaged? 

If you recently have performed service in your dual battery system or on connected consumer appliances, you must control SMARTPASS LED’s for error indication. If SMARTPASS error lamp is lit it could mean that it has been damaged by an accidental short circuit. Please refer to the manuals FUNCTION INDICATORS section. Always disconnect live power source safely before performing any installation or service work to avoid damaging your product.  

After reconnecting the SMARTPASS after performed service, the following lights should light up:




How do I know that installation and service has been performed without damaging SMARTPASS? 

If installation requirements and service guidelines are followed and there is no error indication on SMARTPASS afterwards, then the product functions correctly and can continue to be used in your vehicle system. 



How do I avoid short circuits? 

Step 1. Disconnect NEGATIVE battery poles from both batteries before performing any service work. 

Step 2. Disconnect NEGATIVE ground cable from SMARTPASS  

Perform service work and reassemble in opposite order to avoid short circuits. 



Do I need to change or add fuses in my battery system? 

If your installation doesn’t comply with the updated installation and fuse requirements we recommend as a safety precaution that you add related fuses to your system installation to remove risk of harm if your SMARTPASS gets damaged by short circuits in the future. 



How do I order a SMARTPASS Installation Kit? 

Please follow order the SMARTPASS Installation Kit via the form on the bottom of this page 



I have ordered a SMARTPASS Installation Kit. What do I do while wait for my delivery? 

While waiting for the SMARTPASS Installation Kit, we encourage you to regularly check the product LEDs for any error indication and ensure that you follow the instructions according to the manual amendment, which can be found here.  



My SMARTPASS is showing an error indication. Is it dangerous?

It is important to ascertain what is the cause of any error indication. Under normal circumstances, the error indication should automatically reset after a few minutes in cases where the SMARTPASS has had too high current or temperature. If the voltage on the Service battery is too low, the error indication should go out when the voltage has risen to more than 12V. 



I have a D250. How is my SMARTPASS/D250 system affected by this? 

If you mount a metal installation bracket to the SMARTPASS that is included in the SMARTPASS Installation Kit, then a metal installation bracket must also be mounted to the D250. This is to get the same mounting height between the two products. Two metal installation brackets are included in a SMARTPASS Installation Kit. 

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