Wallboxes for electric vehicles

If you are planning to buy an electric car or a hybrid, electric vehicle wallboxes are recommended. A wallbox is a physical box that charges the car quickly and safely. There are many variants of electric car wallboxes, but one that is highly recommended is CTEK's CHARGESTORM CONNECTED 2. With this wallbox you get an optimal charge for your electric vehicle. The CHARGESTORM CONNECTED 2 can be used anywhere, such as in a building but also in a parking lot. These wallboxes meets all the requirements and safety standards that wallboxes should have. It works for both electric cars and plug-in hybrids.

You can always feel safe with a wallbox

Electric vehicle wallboxes have a so-called built-in safety feature. This means that the cable is not live until you plug in all the connectors. It is only then that the car and the wall box start talking to each other, which in turn will generate the charging process. Assuming everything is in order. The wallboxes will stop the charging process if anything happens during charging, such as a cable getting too hot. This in turn means that the wallboxes prevents any accidents that may occur, such as a fire. So you can always feel safe with your wall box, as it is designed to allow you to safely charge your car without any accidents.

Wallboxes also contains an earth fault circuit breaker, this also ensures that the process is interrupted if the current misfires to earth. In addition to this, the wall box also contains a so-called direct current protection, or DC protection as it is also called. It ensures that there is no DC leakage anywhere. Installing a wall box is not something you can do yourself, it requires a certified electrician. But then you can also be sure that the installation will be done correctly. So you can just get started and charge your car straight away, without any hassle.

In summary

Purchasing wallboxes means that you will prevent possible accidents, and that you will have a fast and efficient charging of your electric car. You can also access the history of how much you have charged your car, so you can see how much you are paying for the charge, and how much you can drive it before it needs to be recharged. This means you can plan your journeys more easily, without the car being discharged. If you charge your car directly from the socket, it takes much longer to charge and there is a risk that a fire, for example, could break out. It is therefore recommended that you get a wall box, precisely to avoid these problems, and to get the best possible charge for your electric car.

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