With most countries in lock-down and social distancing being observed, people are not using their cars very often and as a result, we are getting lots of enquires about how to keep your car in shape when it’s not being used as often.

When you think about vehicle maintenance, especially when considering a vehicle in storage, you probably think about tyre pressure, handbrakes, body work, windows and for many people, they also think about the vehicle battery – the very beating heart of the vehicle.

Here at CTEK, our customer services teams have been dealing with lots of questions from vehicle owners asking which charger is right for them – which is why we have developed a handy selector tool on the website to help them choose.

And then once people have identified and purchased a charger, it’s important to know how to safely connect the charger – there are a variety of ways to do this.

All CTEK chargers and maintainers, such as the MXS 5.0, are supplied with two different vehicle connections, that in turn connect to the CTEK charger using our unique Connect system:

  1. Clamps: connect according to the vehicle manual, or the red clamp to the positive charging point and the black clamp to the vehicle chassis.
  2. Eyelet – for a more permanent connection. Simply attach the red eyelet to the positive pole and the black eyelet to the negative charge point or vehicle chassis – make sure you follow vehicle manual instructions. When the charger is not in use, simply unplug the charger from the connector, close the rubber protection cap and tuck the two, short cables down the side of the battery.

There are also some handy accessories available to purchase such as the Cig plug accessory, an easy to fit adapter that allows charging through the 12V cigarette lighter or accessory socket.

We have published an informative video that shows you how to connect a CTEK charger.