CTEK CS FREE accompanies intrepid film maker on Icelandic adventures

CTEK’s award-winning CS FREE, the world’s first multi-functional portable battery charger and smart maintainer with adaptive boost technology, has been helping adventurous film maker and photographer Valentino Valkaj reach some of the remotest, most untouched places in the world  the glaciers and volcanoes of Iceland.

Valentino and his four-strong team recently spent nine days travelling across the south coast of Iceland to document the alarming levels of glaciers receding, and to film the rugged nature of the landscape.  

”We drove on narrow ice paths, across rivers and through valleys to get as close as possible to the glaciers,” said Valentino. ”Documenting this stunning piece of land in the middle of the ocean drew a huge amount of power from the battery, but the CS FREE ensured that no matter where we were, or how far and long we travelled, we could always rely on our vehicle to get us to our destination, and back home again. 

”We regularly used the CS FREE with the solar panel to keep the car battery charged up, and also to charge our cameras, drones, tablets and phones, even in the very remotest places. We also took the CS FREE with us to charge our equipment when we set out on foot to reach the Fagradalsfjall Volcano, the Thorsmork Valley and the Jokulsarlon glacier lagoon and ice cave. All in all, I guess you could say that the CS FREE was the ideal travelling companion  we were certainly pleased to have it with us!”

The CS FREE is the perfect partner for adventurers like Valentino, especially as the optional solar panel means you can charge your car battery when you’re right out in the wilds, far away from power, and far away from people. In fact, wherever your travels take you, the CS FREE gives you ultimate peace of mind that you’ll never be stranded with a flat battery, giving you the freedom to explore and opening up a whole world of adventure and discovery.

The CS FREE uses revolutionary ’adaptive boost technology’ to gently and safely give a flat battery enough charge to get you going in around 15 minutes. This is completely safe for the vehicle’s electronics, unlike most boosters or jump starters that deliver a sharp burst of power to effectively shock the battery into life. The CS FREE, which also has USB-A and USB-B ports to charge your mobile phone, PC, tablet and other devices, has everything you need to keep you moving, and keep you connected. It can be charged from mains electricity, then popped in your glove box when you set out on your trip, and also from an optional solar panel if you need to charge up when you’re off grid. 

Check out Valentino’s website valkaj.com