10 Dezember 2021

CTEK CC2 EV charger now eligible for subsidies in Germany

EV Charging

German companies can now receive subsidies for electric and plug-in hybrid vehicle charging solutions from CTEK.

Our Chargestorm Connected 2 (CC2) Electrical Vehicle (EV) charger has been officially approved by the Kreditanstalt für Wiederaufbau (KfW), and is now has added to its list of subsidised charging stations. Companies, freelancers and non-profit organisations can apply for a subsidy from this funding. The KfW subsidy can be used to purchase and install the CC2 solution at parking spaces that are not publicly accessible, with up to 900 euros available per charging point. Employees can charge their company and private vehicles at these stations.

Designed for use with electric and plugin hybrid vehicles, the Chargestorm Connected 2 is packed with a range of functions and built in safety features. It can supplied as a single or dual outlet unit, with the latter charging up to two cars and therefore eligible for double the subsidy of up to 1,800 euros.

This KfW approval is an important part of our entry into the German market and we are proud to be playing our part in driving the expansion of EV charging points throughout Germany. The report of the 'National Platform for the Future of Mobility' predicts that by 2030 around 80 percent of all newly registered vehicles will be electric vehicles. In order to achieve this goal, the number of charging points throughout Germany must be significantly increased.” 


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