CTEK launches integrated plug holder for CHARGESTORM CONNECTED SERIES  

CTEK has launched a new integrated plug holder accessory for fixed EV charging cables on their CHARGESTORM CONNECTED 2 (CC2) electric vehicle (EV) chargers, designed to securely store the plug while the cable is not in use. 

Introduced in direct response to customer demand, the EV PLUG HOLDER INTEGRATED is a retrofit accessory that is neatly and conveniently installed on the side of the CHARGESTORM CONNECTED unit. 

Fixed cables are particularly popular with commercial clients offering destination charging - such as hotels, offices and retail outlets - who want to provide the convenience of a fixed charging cable for their customers and staff. The new plug holder ensures that clients can continue to provide this convenience, without needing to worry about cables or the charging cable plug being damaged, which can often happen if cables are left balanced on top of the unit after charging or even worse, left on the floor! 

The EV PLUG HOLDER INTEGRATED is available as an accessory with a new CC2 EV charger or can be easily and quickly retrofitted to existing units by a qualified electrician. There’s no need to unplug any cables - your electrician simply needs to open the charging box, remove the gland plate lock nuts, slide the plug holder into place and then tighten everything back up with the four supplied lock nuts. After that, you can store the plug end of the fixed charging cable conveniently in the new holder. 

With a neat, convenient design and tough, hard wearing steel and plastic construction, the EV PLUG HOLDER INTEGRATED is the perfect solution for keeping the fixed charging cables on your CC2 tidy, safe and secure.  

The CC2 has flexibility at its core and the chargers are available with a choice of single or dual outlets, each of which can be supplied with or without a fixed charging cable. This new plug holder option will provide our customers with even more choice, enabling them to configure an EV solution that’s perfectly suited to their needs. 


EV plug holder integrated 1.jpg