Allt om Elbil and Laddboxbolaget recommend CTEK CC2

Swedish electric vehicle (EV) website Allt om Elbil (Everything about Electric Cars), together with EV specialists Laddboxbolaget, has selected CTEK’s CHARGESTORM CONNECTED 2 (CC2) EV charger as one of their top recommended dual outlet chargers! 

With many households now buying a second EV, there is an increased need for smart charging solutions that can handle and charge two electric cars at the same time, says Allt om Elbil, so they talked to Laddboxbolaget to find out which products they’d recommend.

Here’s what Laddboxbolaget CEO Niklas Gran had to say about CTEK and the CC2: 

“CTEK has developed a durable charging box, CHARGESTORM CONNECTED 2, with double sockets that balance the load between the two sockets. It is suitable for home use as well as in larger installations with several boxes. The charging box is fully connected and it is possible to monitor and control the charging via an app. The box is available both with or without fixed cables in different lengths. There are also RFID readers if you want to check who is using the charger and get statistics on how much each user has charged. For larger installations with several boxes, choose CTEK NANOGRIDTM Local, which can connect several charging boxes in, for example, tenant-owner associations, companies or larger car parks.”

Niklas also discussed how they are seeing more people nowadays choose a charging box with dual outlets, even though they currently only have one car, because they are thinking ahead. “If you have the parking spaces next to each other, it is a smart choice and you save money by only doing one installation,” he says.

The CC2 is one of the most dynamic, most future-proofed EV chargers on the market. It’s specifically designed to be robust, reliable and easy to use, is packed with a range of smart functions and built-in safety features and also has open integration, which means the CC2 can be seamlessly integrated with other manufacturers’ equipment and third party software, including energy tariff, payment and billing applications, giving customers maximum flexibility and choice - both now, and for the future. 

CTEK’s CC2 chargers can also be integrated with CTEK NANOGRIDTM, a smart overload protection system that balances the power going to your charger (or chargers) against the power being used by everything else on your home or local network. Without load balancing, overload on the system can trip the main fuse, causing essential systems to fail. But with NANOGRIDTM, that needn’t ever be a worry. There are three levels of load balancing to choose from, depending on your needs, from a single charger up to a network of 500. 

Allt om Elbil is a fast-growing portal for everyone who believes in a future where cars are emission-free, with daily EV news, tests, reviews and driver experiences.  

You can find more information about their review of dual outlet chargers here.

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