Luxury car collector and social media phenomenon, Tim Burton, Shmee150 recently unveiled his first hypercar at the recent UK-based Goodwood Festival of Speed - a bespoke 1,360 bhp Zenvo TSR-S in Lilla Perlemore (Mother of Pearl Purple). 

Zenvo Automotive based in Denmark, delivers hand-built hypercars to major global markets, and is synonymous with superior quality, performance and commitment to customer service excellence. The team at Ctek is absolutely thrilled that Zenvo has chosen to make Shmee150’s customer TSR-S ’CTEK ready’ by fitting a CTEK INDICATOR PANEL just inside the bonnet.  

The CTEK INDICATOR PANEL monitors the battery and uses an LED ’traffic light’ system to show the level of charge. It’s specially designed for panel mounting, so it can be conveniently mounted within the vehicle, and the unique CTEK connect system makes for a quick and easy connection to a CTEK charger – an essential part of Tim Burton’s vehicle maintenance regime.  

Photo credit: Zenvo Automotive

Shmee150, the personal brand of Tim Burton, a.k.a. Shmee150, is followed on social media by millions of car enthusiasts worldwide, including 2.3M YouTube subscribers, 1.5M Instagram followers and 2.7M Facebook followers.  

Shmee150’s Zenvo TSR-S will be housed with his ever-growing collection of supercars and sports cars in the recently launched ‘ Shmuseum’ storage space. It is also noteworthy as the YouTube star’s first hypercar.  

ctek-ready.jpg“I’ve enjoyed every part of my Zenvo journey immensely,” said Tim Burton. ”From visiting the factory in Præstø, Denmark, to specifying every component of the car down to the last detail, I’ve completely thrown myself into the process and it just looks absolutely amazing.” 

Jens Sverdrup, Zenvo’s chief commercial officer and chairman of the board, commented: “Tim’s continued passion for our cars is remarkable to see, and his ’Road to Zenvo’ YouTube series has been a great opportunity for us to showcase what really goes on behind the scenes, and the level of craftsmanship and detail that goes into each and every step of the process. It’s been great to work with Ctek as a technical partner with Tim’s individual customer order and looking forward to equipping more cars with this technology in the future.”