CTEK AB, as a key supplier, and is helping Stockholm Parkering to meet the increased demand for EV charging points in Stockholm

As the result of ambitious new targets introduced by the City of Stockholm, Stockholm Parkering has started to work towards the goal that 100 percent of its parking spaces in the city will have Electrical Vehicle (EV) charging points by 2026. This ambitious target has resulted in Stockholm Parkering’s continued investment in charging infrastructure in Stockholm and CTEK, which is one of Stockholm Parkering's charging infrastructure suppliers, has already received an extended order for an additional 800 charging points.

“We are really excited to see that the City of Stockholm has set a goal that all parking spaces in the inner city will have EV charging points as early as 2030. We are very proud to be working with Stockholm Parkering, to support them in meeting their goals and playing our part in developing a robust infrastructure for electric vehicles in our capital.” says Cecilia Routledge, Global Director Energy & Facilities CTEK.

Stockholm Parkering already has several thousand installed EV charging points, making it one of the biggest EV charging networks in Sweden. In order to meet motorists' demand and support the City of Stockholm's climate goals, this work is now being further intensified. Stockholm Parkering is securing the future of its charging infrastructure by further expansion, with CTEK able to easily meet the increased the number of required charging stations. 

The partnership with CTEK involves the supply of EV charging equipment in the form of CTEK’s popular Chargestorm Connected EV charger, scalable load balancing solutions and associated EV management software to help Stockolm Parkering deliver innovative and scalable charging infrastructure.