Winter is wonderfully unique in what it has to offer

The thrill of racing a snowmobile, cruising with your ATV or 4WD on silent, snow-covered rural roads, special holiday dinners and parties, or travelling to visit grandma. It’s all part and parcel of winter, and it’s yours to make the most of, if you’re ready for it. 

Peace of mind is…

For CTEK, being ready means feeling completely secure that your vehicle will take you out into the winter and get you safely back. Without any fuss, rude awakenings, drama, or tears. Giving you have the freedom of going where you want, to do what you want, precisely when you want to. 

Be ready and be charged!

To make sure you have that freedom, make sure you regularly charge your battery and we’ve got just the thing! The CS ONE is actually the most technologically advanced charger we have ever made, and in doing so, we’ve also brought to the market the easiest to use charger available today.  Powered by Adaptive Charging Technology, APTO™️, this smart battery charger and maintainer works with any 12V lead-acid or lithium battery. It will automatically analyze the health of your vehicle battery. It will then adapt to the specific needs of your battery, taking into account size, temperature and battery type, before delivering the best charge that will keep your battery in consistently top, always-ready condition.  

Well then, what’s stopping you from going the extra mile to enjoy the beauty and wonder of winter?

Be ready. Be charged. Be winter smart. 

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