The much-anticipated integration between CTEK’s Chargestorm Connected Electric Vehicle (EV) charger and the EnergyHub from Ferroamp has now launched – providing integration for solar energy, energy storage and EV charging.

The EnergyHub from Ferroamp is a cutting-edge product that integrates solar energy, EV charging, energy storage and power from the grid, so that all available energy and power is optimally utilised. This integration enables the EnergyHub to be used as an energy meter, that constantly monitors how much power is available to the property (from all available power sources) so that it can determine how much power is available for EV charging. The seamless integration between the EnergyHub, that delivers phase balancing - preventing loss reduction and increasing overall power system reliability - and CTEK’s load balancing solution – providing overload protection – means that you have one of the safest, most efficient and reliable EV charging solutions on the market.

Stefan Gabrielsson, Product Manager at CTEK said “For example the EnergyHub can ensure that solar energy generated from the property is used for EV charging. Power can also be temporarily stored in an energy store if the EV is not connected and using this power.

The integration means that you can distribute power to your EVs through active phase balancing. It will maximize all of the property's available power for EV charging, whilst protecting against system over-load that can result in the fuse tripping.

“In practice, this means that you can charge your EVs in the shortest possible time, which is often requested by our customers” continued Stefan Gabrielsson.

Niclas Wadestig, Marketing Manager at Ferroamp said “We look forward to continuing to develop innovative and efficient charging solutions together with CTEK, where Ferroamp provides the technology to integrate solar energy, batteries and active phase balancing.”

How the integration works:

The integration between the Chargestorm Connected EV charging station from CTEK and Ferroamp EnergyHub means that the two units can now talk to each other. Through this function you can use the hub as an energy meter that constantly monitors the property's power output and available power to the EV in the garage. A form of load balancing, where the systems exchange information between each other. There is also support for more than one EV charger in the home. The charging stations and EnergyHub are connected in the same LAN, and in this way can talk to each other and exchange information. Both products are available now.

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