You have to have a lot of faith in a product to put your name on it, which is why we are so proud that many of the world’s most prestigious vehicle manufacturers choose CTEK to produce their branded battery chargers

For example, we have a partnership with Lamborghini. Lamborghini cars are packed with sophisticated electronics, delivering power, performance and in-car features, so that their customers can enjoy the ultimate driving experience. It’s therefore important that you look after the battery - the very heart of the vehicle. We supply a Lamborghini branded battery charger, that is available to all Lamborghini owners as an aftermarket accessory.  This sleek and highly effective charger is supplied with a stylish and sturdy Lamborghini branded storage bag.

Lamborghini tested various battery charging solutions on the market before finally selecting CTEK, following a long and careful testing process - our solution meets the high safety, reliability, and technological performance standards that Lamborghini expects from all of its suppliers. 

We are really proud of this partnership. It’s a real privilege for our team to work closely with vehicle manufacturers like Lamborghini from the design stage, right through production and on to sales. We think you’ve got to really trust a product to want to put your own logo on it, so for us it’s a real stamp of approval.

Lamborghini chose to work with us due to our unique approach to battery charging and maintenance, coupled with our strong commitment to quality, safety, reliability and customer service.

As with all our chargers, the Lamborghini charger is simple to use, fully automatic and can be left attached to the battery indefinitely, making it ideal for carefree long-term maintenance charging. We have also worked with Lamborghini to develop a range of practical connection and storage accessories for added user convenience.

Currently, we supply own brand chargers to over 40 of the biggest and most prestigious car manufacturers in the world – something that we are really proud of.

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