An easier life with CS FREE

Battery chargers

Booster, jumper cables, power bank… they all have cables and wires right? Are you tired of having a mess in your car with all of these devices and cables that tangle? This won’t be a problem anymore with the CTEK CS FREE. The CS FREE is four products in one unit which makes your life easier and tangle free. You don’t need multiple devices that take up valuable truck space and leave you with many messy cables – the CS FREE is compact and makes for a more organized trunk! 

This will not only make your life easier; it will also be cost effective too! Instead of buying four separate products, you only have to buy one, that actually costs less than buying individual products, and does everything your car battery will ever need. Use the CS FREE for simpler, easier and cost-effective motoring.  

Because you see the CS FREE is a portable charger for topping up your vehicle battery, a smart maintainer, a hi-tech power bank and an adaptive booster. You can use it to charge your 12V battery, charge your phone or laptop and use it to boost your vehicle battery when it has run out of power. Wherever you are, off grid or in the city, the CS FREE will always be of help. 

Imagine that you are stranded on the road far away from the nearest power outlet with a dead battery. But if you have the CS FREE with you, its unique Adaptive Boost function means you will be able to safe-start your vehicle in only 15 minutes, without risk of damaging vehicle electronics. 

This is especially important during the winter season when your battery is getting affected by the cold weather. Your battery needs to do a lot more work and your alternator might only charge up your battery to around 60%. That’s why it’s crucial to always have a portable charger with you.