Charging an Electric Car at Home

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Introduction to Home EV Charging 

The advent of electric vehicles (EVs) has highlighted the importance of home charging. With EVs becoming increasingly popular across Europe, the convenience of charging your electric vehicle at home is a significant advantage. CTEK offers innovative products designed to integrate with your home and lifestyle, ensuring a reliable, efficient, and safe charging experience. We will delve into how to charge an electric car at home in this article.  

Benefits of Home Charging 

Home charging is not merely about convenience; it's about maximizing the utility of your EV. CTEK's offerings, like the CHARGESTORM CONNECTED 2 and NJORD GO, bring the sophistication of public charging to the comfort of your home. These solutions support charging at up to 22kW, ensuring your vehicle is always prepared for your next adventure. 

Choosing the Right Charger for Your Home 

CTEK presents a variety of home charging solutions to meet diverse requirements. The CHARGESTORM CONNECTED 2 is a robust and functional charging station, manageable via the CTEK Taking Charge App, allowing you to tailor your charging schedule and preferences. On the other hand, the NJORD GO provides a portable option, delivering smooth, fast 11kW three-phase power directly from your home CEE socket, perfect for those who want to be charging an electric car at home. 

Load Balancing for Efficient Home Charging 

Load balancing is crucial for home EV charging, ensuring your household's electrical supply isn't overloaded by your charging demands. The CHARGESTORM CONNECTED 2 offers built-in load balancing, optimizing your EV charging in line with your home's energy usage. This intelligent technology safeguards your home's main fuse while enhancing charging efficiency, perfect for charging an electric car at home. 

Safety and Quality Assurance 

Safety is of utmost importance to CTEK, whose products comply with all safety regulations and standards. Crafted in Sweden, these chargers are durable, highly resistant to impact, dust, and water, and capable of operating in extreme temperatures. Equipped with built-in fuses, fault detection, and remote-control capabilities, CTEK chargers ensure safety alongside superior performance. 

As we move towards electric mobility, having a dependable, efficient, and safe home charging setup becomes essential. CTEK's array of EV charging products, including the CHARGESTORM CONNECTED 2 and NJORD GO, offers homeowners flexible and user-friendly solutions for powering their EVs. With features like load balancing and adherence to strict safety standards, CTEK prepares you for the future of transportation.