CTEK’s CS FREE helps pilots in need

Battery chargers

Imagine that it’s the ideal day for embarking on a new flying adventure. You have done all of the pre-flight checks and you are all set to go, but then you notice that the engine doesn’t start. The battery has been overlooked in the check-ups leaving you standing still on the ground. But don’t despair! The CTEK CS FREE can help to save the day and get you airborne in less than 20 minutes! CTEK partner Rotronics have tested the CS FREE in combination with a light aircraft.  

Before a flight, the general routine is to check fuel and oil levels, see if the fuel pump is primed, ignition is switched on, the seatbelts are fastened etc. But sometimes when you look at the voltmeter, you will see that the battery is flat and hasn’t enough power to start the engine. The flight needs to be cancelled and the airplane dragged back to the hangar.  

Nevertheless, there is one solution. With the CTEK CS FREE you are able to quickly and safely charge the battery to make sure you are ready to go for the next flight. Ken Clark from Rotronics said that it took him less than 15 minutes to recharge the battery into starting capacity. The clear LED lights showed him the charging progress and how long it was going to be until the battery is ready power-up the aircraft.  

He explains that the CS FREE was a lifesaver because he had no power supply at the airfield. This enabled him to take the flight with just a minimal delay. It also saved him a lot of time and energy, if it weren’t for the CS FREE, he would have to return home to mains charge the battery and come back many hours later.  

Ken Clark said that it is one of the best investments a light aircraft owner can make. Because even when the battery runs out of power, he can still fly. He is able to maintenance charge the battery to prolong its life while never having to worry about the battery’s performance.  

The CTEK CS FREE is a 4-in-1 unit which is both a portable charger, a smart maintainer, adaptive booster and a hi-tech power bank. It can be used to charge up your mobile phone or navigation devices which is perfect for longer flights, and those nights away. Because of its light weight and sleek design, you are able to store it onboard for any charging emergency that might arise.  


12V | Adaptiv booster (alternativ till starthjälp), batteri- och underhållsladdare