05 januari 2023

CTEK CS ONE nominated for ‘best motorcycle equipment’ at Les Trophées De La Moto awards

Battery chargers

The French Les Trophées De La Moto awards celebrate exciting new products for the motorized two-wheeler industry, across several different product categories. One of these categories is the ‘motorcycle equipment of the year’, and CTEK is delighted to announce that our CS ONE Adaptive charger has been shortlisted in this category. 

CTEK’s CS ONE is driven by revolutionary APTO adaptive charging technology, that automatically reads the battery to work out battery type (lead-acid or lithium), battery size and battery health to make sure it delivers the perfect charge to the vehicle battery. It also has polarity free clamps ¬– the CS ONE automatically works out which clamp is on which battery terminal, so you’ll never make a wrong connection again. The clamps are spark free, too, so there’s no need to worry if you accidentally touch them together. 

It has a user-friendly interface and a bright display, there is no unnecessary buttons to press or modes to select you just let the charger do the job for you. The charger shows you the time left until the battery is fully charged or when you can restart a dead battery.  

If you connect the CTEK CS ONE via Bluetooth to the CTEK App, you have three different programs to choose from. Recond restores and reconditions your battery, wake up is used to bring deeply discharged lithium batteries back to life and supply turns the CS ONE into a useful 12V supply, to support batteries during service or when you replace the battery.   

The 'Les Trophées de la Moto' awards is a highly prestigious awards ceremony that brings together all the major players in the world of motorcycles, networks, mobility, tourism or equipment. Winners are decided by public vote, and we are very proud to be shortlisted! 


12V | Revolutionerande adaptiv batteriladdare med underhållsladdning