07 mars 2023

CTEK in integration with eMabler


CTEK, the leading global brand in vehicle charging solutions, has announced its integration with eMabler. This integration will enable CTEK CHARGESTORM CONNECTED 2 EVSE to communicate with eMabler's platform, streamlining the electric vehicle (EV) charging process for drivers and simplifying the monitoring and management of EV charging networks. 

With CTEK EVSE connected to eMabler's OCPP, OCPI and API enabled electric vehicle charging platform, users can start and stop charging sessions, monitor the charging progress, and receive real-time notifications on their mobile devices. The platform is built to provide open APIs so companies can easily and fast utilize their existing assets like client base, IT systems and resources. The platform also provides advanced reporting capabilities for operators and integrators to optimize and manage their charging infrastructure and energy management. 

CTEK’s Global Director Energy & Facilities, Cecilia Routledge, said, “We are delighted to integrate our products with eMabler, that marks the start of a great new partnership with lots of collaborative opportunities. This integration will make EV charging even more accessible and convenient for drivers. Our chargers can now communicate with eMabler’s platform, making it easier for drivers to charge their vehicles when and where they need to.” 

eMabler’s CEO, Juha Stenberg, added, “We are excited to co-operate with leading EV charger manufacturers as excellent customer experience is only delivered when all items in the service delivery work together, this includes EV chargers, communication and platform. Our superior platform offers a secure, flexible, and scalable solution for EV charging. The integration with CTEK’s chargers will provide an even wider range of charging options for EV drivers. The platform’s real-time monitoring and reporting capabilities will also offer valuable insights for operators and integrators to effectively manage their charging infrastructure.” 

This integration between CTEK and eMabler is expected to significantly enhance the EV charging infrastructure. By combining CTEK's battery management products with eMabler's OCPP / OCPI enabled platform, EV owners can now benefit from a more efficient and streamlined charging experience, while operators and integrators have access to advanced reporting and management tools.