CTEK, MONTA and OCPP: The Future of Smart EV Charging

Case Study | EV Charging

In a transformative move for the electric vehicle (EV) charging industry, the collaboration between CTEK, MONTA, and the adoption of the Open Charge Point Protocol (OCPP) is setting a new standard for smart EV charging solutions. The partnership brings together CTEK's CHARGESTORM CONNECTED 2 (CC2) and CHARGESTORM CONNECTED 3 (CC3) charging stations with MONTA's innovative software, leveraging OCPP's flexibility to cater to both private individuals and large-scale operations. This collaboration is not just about charging EVs but creating an integrated, intelligent charging ecosystem that enhances the user experience and paves the way for a sustainable future. 

Unmatched Convenience for Private Users 

MONTA's platform is available for free to private users for up to three charging stations, offering a range of smart features that maximize efficiency and convenience: 

  • Scheduling: Custom-tailor your charging sessions to fit your lifestyle. 
  • Spot Price EV Charging: Charge your vehicle when electricity costs are lowest. 
  • Solar Mode EV Charging: Directly match your solar energy output with your EV charging demand. 
  • PowerBank Feature: Generate income by temporarily pausing charging during peak grid times. 
  • Direct Car Integration: Monitor your vehicle's State of Charge (SoC) and other essential metrics. 

Scalable Solutions for Businesses 

For larger enterprises and sites, the Monta Hub offers a comprehensive platform to manage a vast charging network with ease, providing a scalable solution for businesses looking to offer EV charging services or manage extensive fleets of electric vehicles. 

The OCPP Edge 

The integration of OCPP with CTEK’s CHARGESTORM CONNECTED 2 and 3 ensures these charging solutions are not only advanced in terms of technology but also versatile and future-proof. OCPP compatibility signifies a commitment to openness, interoperability, and the continuous evolution of charging technology, meeting the needs of today's EV owners and anticipating the demands of tomorrow. 

Streamlined Implementation for UK Customers 

For customers in the UK, the CC2 and CC3 units' pre-configuration with MONTA straight from the factory represents a significant advantage. This ready-to-go setup eliminates potential complexities, enabling users to enjoy the benefits of smart charging immediately upon installation. It underscores CTEK and MONTA's commitment to customer convenience and the global push towards accessible EV charging solutions. 

The synergy between CTEK's hardware, MONTA's software, and the standardization offered by OCPP creates a potent combination for the EV charging market. This tripartite partnership addresses the current needs of EV charging, offering an array of features for private users and scalable solutions for businesses. It also looks to the future, ensuring that the infrastructure being built today can adapt to the technological advancements of tomorrow. As we move towards a more electrified future, CTEK, MONTA, and OCPP stand at the forefront, driving the transition to smart, efficient, and sustainable EV charging.