Don't Miss Out: Klimatklivet’s Investment Support for Public EV Charging Infrastructure in Sweden

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We are excited to spotlight the new round of Swedish Environmental Protection Agency’s Klimatklivet initiative - a golden opportunity for local businesses, municipalities, and organizations across Sweden aiming to expand public electric vehicle (EV) charging infrastructure. 

Klimatklivet is offering generous financial aid for projects that contribute to reducing greenhouse gas emissions, including the development of public EV charging stations. This initiative underscores Sweden’s commitment to becoming carbon-neutral by 2045, aligning with the growing demand for sustainable transportation options. 

Key Highlights of the Klimatklivet Initiative: 

  • Funding Availability: Eligible projects can secure up to 70% of the investment costs in support, facilitating the expansion of Sweden's public EV charging infrastructure. 
  • Application Window: The submission period for this round of applications is from March 25 to April 5, 2024, marking a critical timeframe for applicants to prepare and submit their proposals. 
  • CTEK’s Role: As experts in the field, CTEK is on hand to assist applicants in crafting compelling proposals and implementing top-notch charging solutions that meet the Klimatklivet criteria. 

Sweden's push towards electric mobility has seen a substantial increase in EV adoption, supported by initiatives like Klimatklivet. The number of charging stations has grown exponentially, reflecting the country's ambition to lead in the electric transition. However, the ambition doesn't stop there. Innovative projects, including the development of the world’s first electric charging road, are part of Sweden's broader strategy to support the switch to electric vehicles. 

We urge interested parties not to miss this chance to contribute to Sweden’s green transition and take advantage of Klimatklivet’s support. CTEK is ready to partner with you, providing our expertise in delivering efficient, reliable charging solutions that align with your project's goals. 

For more detailed information on the Klimatklivet initiative and how to apply, visit the Swedish Environmental Protection Agency's official website.

Let’s drive Sweden towards a greener, more sustainable future together.