Latest CC2 Firmware 4.4 Launch: A Leap in User Interface and Security

EV Charging

The newest upgrade, Firmware 4.4 for the CTEK CHARGESTORM CONNECTED 2 (CC2) series, marks a significant stride in enhancing user interaction and security. Developed in response to user feedback, this update is a game-changer in terms of functionality and safety. 

Main Highlights of Firmware 4.4: 

Remote Access Feature: The upgrade introduces the ability to connect to the CC2's local web interface through local LAN networks, eliminating the need for physical USB connections and offering greater flexibility 

Revamped Web User Interface: A newly designed web interface is now part of the update. It’s adaptable to various devices such as laptops, PCs, and smartphones, ensuring a smooth user experience. This interface operates on the HTTPS protocol for secure communication. 

Security Enhancements:  

Firewall Integration:
A robust firewall is now part of the software, enhancing defense mechanisms against external threats.  

Selective Activation of SSH and WebUI:
Users have the option to enable SSH and WebUI for specific interfaces, allowing customized security configurations. 

Improved Diagnostics and Maintenance:
Reading of the contactor cycle count through OCPP is now possible, aiding in better maintenance. Enhanced diagnostic capabilities resolve the previous issue of the CGC500 generating only empty diagnostic files. 

Significant Fixes in This Update: 

- Security enhancements to the WebUI 
- Several improvements and fixes to the OCPP 
- Correction of the Nanogrid issue related to incorrect fallback current 

Installation Note: Post-installation of Firmware 4.4, downgrading to earlier versions is not possible due to integrated advanced security features.  

Where to Find the FW: This update can be downloaded from the CTEK official website or through Charge Portal.  

Detailed Information: Users are advised to consult the detailed release notes for comprehensive information and guidance on the new firmware.