NANOGRID™ AIR: Revolutionizing the E-Mobility Charging Landscape

EV Charging

CTEK Unveils the Future of Wireless Load Balancing for Electric Vehicles 

CTEK, a global leader in battery management solutions, has unveiled its latest innovation in E-Mobility: NANOGRID™ AIR. This groundbreaking wireless energy meter gateway is set to redefine the EV charging experience for users worldwide. 

A Leap Forward in Load Balancing 

NANOGRID™ AIR is not just another energy meter gateway. It represents the pinnacle of wireless load balancing technology. Designed to seamlessly integrate with the award-winning CTEK NJORD® GO portable EV charger, it ensures an efficient and uninterrupted charging journey for electric vehicles. 

Load balancing is crucial in today's energy-intensive households. The system monitors energy usage, ensuring that both the home and the EV charger receive the power they need without overloading the mains. During peak times, such as mornings and evenings, the system diverts more energy to household appliances. Conversely, during off-peak hours, the EV charger receives more power, allowing users to benefit from cost savings. 

Key Features of NANOGRID™ AIR: 

Dynamic Load Balancing: Protects the main fuse and optimizes power distribution to the EV. 

Wi-Fi Communication: Ensures seamless connection with the NJORD® GO EV charger via home Wi-Fi. 

Plug & Play Installation: Simplifies the setup process with easy plug-in to the smart energy meter using provided cables. 

Unified Control: A dedicated CTEK App offers complete communication and control of the EV charging process. 

2-Year Warranty: Demonstrates CTEK's commitment to product excellence and customer satisfaction. 

Flexibility and Integration 

One of the standout features of NANOGRID™ AIR is its flexibility. Given the portability of NJORD® GO, users can have a NANOGRID™ AIR at their primary residence and another at a vacation home. All of this can be managed effortlessly via a smartphone and Wi-Fi. 

Furthermore, for those keen on integrating their energy data with third-party applications like Smart Home systems, NANOGRID™ AIR provides real-time energy data as JSON-files. 

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